Thursday, August 21, 2014

Google Classroom Assignments will start live on Wed. April 1st at 8 am. 

 My office hours will be on Tuesdays and Thursday....Starting this Thursday.  They will be on Google Meet.  Here is link to join Google Meet:

To get to Google Classroom: Student accounts:

 Password: nse##### or whatever they changed it to
 (whatever password they use to sign onto a Chromebook at school)
ELA (Class Code: xjdz6rf)
Social Studies:  (Class Code: 2hmhj2k)

For Mrs. Selgrade's Math and Science classes in google classroom you can use this code: 
(Class Code  xhnvr55)

Students can also access many activities through their class link account.  Their account already has many of their passwords accessible. 

Students can always log onto Study Island to practice previously learned skills that I have already assigned.  Students user name is their number@ns.  User name is abc123.

Parents if looking for something extra for your child to do check out the websites on this page or on any third grade teacher's page. Students can also get on Prodigy to practice math skills and play some games. If you need Prodigy passwords please let me know.   



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